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Parts for Bing Carburetors
and Mikuni Fuel Pumps

Bing Carburetors for Rotax 2-stroke Aircraft Engines

  • We have a large inventory of common maintenance parts for your Bing carburetors: gaskets, o-rings, valves, floats and much more
  • A wide choice of needles and jets is also available for your standard adjustments and your atmospheric condition compensated adjustments
  • Parts available for Bing Carburetor models Bing 96, Bing 84 and Bing 54

Bing Carburetors for Rotax 4-stroke Aircraft Engines

  • A wide array of parts is also available for Bing Constant Depression Carburetors, model Bing 64 (Bing CD or CV)

Mikuni Fuel Pumps

  • We have repair kits for all models of Mikuni fuel pumps used on Rotax 2-stroke Aircraft Engines