Left: Daniel Sasseville (front right) shows the procedure for fan belt tension adjustment on a Rotax 503 UL DCDI during the French speaking 2-stroke air cooled course of October 25, 2003.
Right: Three Rotax Aircraft Engine owners practice carburetor needle clip adjustment during an English speaking course specific to Challenger owners on November 1, 2003.


End the struggle with maintenance training!

We are happy to offer ultralight and amateur-built aircraft owners a chance to familiarize themselves with the operation, maintenance, repair and adjustment of their two or four stroke Rotax Aircraft Engines.

Groups are formed based on different criteria:

  • French or English Speaking
  • Air cooled 2-stroke, liquid cooled 2-stroke or 4-stroke
  • Level 1, 2 or 3

These classes are regularly held at our facilities. They can also be held at other locations on an invitational basis.

Next classes

Next classes in English. You may also review the classes in French.

Date Hours Subject Level Students Location Cost
Dates to be announced.

Costs include documentation and a lunch.

A complete program

Our classes are divided in three levels and three engine categories to form a complete program:

  • Level 1:
    An overview of the operation and analysis of the different systems, a detailed description of the regular maintenance tasks specified by the manufacturer, a structured approach to troubleshooting, optimum carburetor adjustment, preventive inspections and in-flight engine management habits
  • Level 2:
    The practice of more advanced maintenance and repair tasks requiring advanced disassembly. For example the maintenance of gearboxes, carburetors, top end (2-stroke) or the maintenance of gearboxes, carburetors, cylinder heads and oil and liquid pumps (4-stroke).
  • Level 3:
    Compete overhauls
  • 2-Stroke air cooled engines
    All free air or fan cooled Rotax 2-stroke aircraft engines: 185 UL, 277 UL, 377 UL, 447 UL, 503 UL. Please note that the points ignition system (single spark plug per cylinder) found on older Rotax engines is not covered during the courses.
  • 2-stroke liquid cooled engines
    All liquid cooled Rotax 2-stroke aircraft engines: 462 UL, 532 UL, 582 UL, 618 UL. Please note that the points ignition system (single spark plug per cylinder) found on older Rotax engines is not covered during the courses.
  • 4-stroke engines
    All UL series Rotax 4 stroke aircraft engines: 912 UL, 912 ULS, 912 ULSFR, 914 UL. Certified 4-stroke engine owners (912A, 912F, 912S, 914F) will also have an opportunity to learn more about their engines, but the training is not certified maintenance oriented.

Note that in the majority of cases, each level is a prerequisite for the next. Even very experienced mechanics have declared that they learned a lot during Level 1 classes.

A complete set of documentation is provided, including our Engine Maintenance Logs

A recognized training

Our classes are recognized and frequented by members of Tranport Canada, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) and the Recreational Aviation Association (RAA).
In addition, the Canadian Armed Forces also entrusted us in 2004 and 2005 with the training of their technical officers responsible for the maintenance of the drones equipped with Rotax 582 UL engines.