How to Remove and Replace 1992 Buick Regal Strut

by Michael A. Anderson
1992 Buick Regals

A lousy strut causes 1992 Buick Regals to have a miserable ride, including handling conditions. If the strut is bad enough, it could create dangerous situations, in that the front of the car sits too close to the tires, and could, therefore, hinder steering. The Regal’s weight keep the coil spring from expanding. You do not have to remove the entire strut assembly – the strut cartridge is replaced separately.


You will need several tools to complete this job, including some specialized tools, which are available at any GM dealership:

  • Liquid eraser or paint
  • Set of sockets
  • No. 50 Torx bit
  • Strut rod nut wrench (J 35669)
  • Prybar
  • Strut extension rod (J 35668)
  • Jounce bumper spanner wrench (J35670)
  • Strut alignment retaining tool (J 38844)
  • Strut cap nut wrench
    Suction pump
  • Torque wrench

Match-mark the strut mount cover plate and the body so that you can align the cover, keeping the proper camber adjustment. Remove the three strut mount cover retaining nuts using the appropriate socket, then pull the lid off.

Remove the strut shaft nut using the Torx bit and the strut rod nut wrench, which is available at any GM dealership. Pry the strut mount bushing with a prybar to remove it. Apply pressure on the strut, using the strut extension rod to relieve the compression on the bushing.

Remove the jounce bumper retainer using the jounce bumper spanner wrench. Remove the jounce bumper, utilizing the strut extension rod. Install the strut alignment retaining tool, following the instructions on the top of the device to line it up correctly.

Press the shaft down into the cartridge. Remove the extension rod. Pull out the jounce bumper. Attach the strut extension rod to re-extend the shaft, then remove the strut cartridge closure nut, using a strut cap nut wrench. Remove the extension rod.

Remove the strut cartridge, then remove the oil from the strut tube using a suction pump.

Install the self-contained replacement cartridge. Tighten the closure nut using the strut cap nut wrench to 82 foot-pounds of torque. You should not need to add oil to the cartridge unless the brand you purchase specifies it.

Install the strut extension rod. Remove the strut alignment retaining tool. Reinstall the jounce bumper and the retainer. Raise the strut shaft, then remove the strut extension rod. Reinstall the strut mount bushing. If the bushing is challenging to push into place, lubricate it with soap and water. You can also reinstall the strut extension rod to help align the strut with easing bushing installation if it still won’t go in after lubrication.

Install the strut shaft nut, using the Torx bit and the strut rod nut wrench. Tighten the nut to 72 foot-pounds of torque. Align the match-marks you made on the strut cover. Install the strut cover plate and tighten the nuts to 18 foot-pounds of torque.

After successfully completing all of these steps, the strut in your 1992 Buick Regal should be adequately replaced.

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