Best Rotax 582 Engine Review

by Michael A. Anderson
Rotax 582 Engine

Rotax 582 Engine

When it comes to choosing an aircraft engine, reliability should be at the top of your list. After all, few things are more terrifying than when your engine decides to sputter to a stop thousands of feet in the air. Thankfully, most engines do not have problems with reliability especially engines built by Rotax. Rotax aircraft engines are used by over 220 aircraft manufacturers around the world.

Rotax engines are known for their reliability and power to weight ratio. As well, Rotax continues to design and build aircraft engines that go above and beyond other engines. With an experienced engineering team and many research and development facilities, Rotax keeps moving forward. Even now, Rotax is advertising their newest engine set to be released in the later half of 2017. This new engine boasts Rotax’s highest power to weight ratio yet.

With that said, their older products are just as well made. Perhaps their most well-known product is the Rotax 582 UL engine. This engine was built for ultralight aircraft, and is an upgrade of the previous Rotax 532 design and features a larger engine bore and stroke. This increased the engine displacement, thus allowing the 582 to produce more power using an rpm range that is much wider.

Rotax’s highest power

This gives the Rotax 582 aircraft engine 65 horsepower to work with at a top rpm of 6500. The engine is a 2-cylinder engine and comes with a dual electronic ignition switch, two carburetors, water pump, thermostat, and an exhaust system. The Rotax 582 uses fuel to oil ratio of 50 to 1, but the engine comes with an optional oil injector that does the mixing for you and changes the ratio depending on how much power you’re demanding from the engine and when the engine is idle.

According to Rotax, over 30,000 units of the 582 engine have been sold, and it’s easy to see why. The 582 has a lot of power for relatively little weight. As well, the engine is easy to maintain. So much time as maintenance is often done and the engine is checked regularly, the Rotax 582 will last 300 hours of use and longer if properly cared for.

Rotax 582

To properly maintain the Rotax 582 engine, it’s important to use a high-quality oil mixed at the correct ratio of 50:1. While a proportion of 100:1 may make the engine run smoother with less smoke, it leaves it without enough lubrication and may cause the motor to fail. This is why the oil injection system is so convenient. It makes the proper mix for you.

It’s also important to make sure the engine has reached a proper operating temperature before taking off. Taking off with a cold engine can lead to extended wear and tear on your engine, leaving scratches on the piston and cylinder walls.

If you take good care of the Rotax 582 engine, then you will be rewarded with a smooth ride that will last you hundreds of hours. There is simply no better engine at its price point that is as reliable and robust as this one.


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