How Does The Boogie Board Tablet Work?

by Michael A. Anderson

Boogie board is a new electronic notepad for those who are looking for a tablet which can give them the comfort of putting down everything from groceries to memos on the slips but are looking for something that is environment-friendly and saves them the guilt of wasting paper. A fully electronic notepad, Boogie board has gained the traction in the market simply because the tablet is quite efficient. It would be hard to believe, but a boogie board can work for years on a single battery for up to four years. What is more charming about this board is that it does not snatch away the feeling of writing on paper with the pen from you.

What is it?

So, what is the mechanism behind boogie board working? The device is filled with the liquid crystals similar to what is there on the CD monitor. However, this tablet is affordable simply because it does not have the other parts such as pixels, also the circuits that eat massive power. It is possible to touch and move the crystals with the stylus that comes along with the Boogie Board. All these liquid crystals get arranged between two plastic sheets. When you are not using the board, it would appear dark because of the way in which the crystals are arranged inside the plastic not allowing the light to pass. However, once the pressure is put on the board, the spirals are aligned and active. You will see that once you push the board manually with your hand or with the help of the stylus, there would be the bright color and everything that you write would be white on the blackboard. Therefore, you would not need the table lamp or some other type of light to see or write on the board. Further, there is no power required to keep the writing or the sketch on the board because polymers which are present in the liquid crystals are enough to hold it in the place. To erase what is written, you just need to press the button on the board.

Best Ewriter Tablet

You can say that this board is perfect not for just writing down the notes and grocery items but also for drawing. You do not require the electricity to draw, write or operate this boogie writer. Also, those who are fond of drawing can do Boogie board picture because pressing the board with the pen would create the line on the board which would be as thick as the force you are exerting on it. For now, these boogie board sync review are becoming popular only because you can use it as memo writers, boards and so on.

An LCD eWriter measuring 8.5-inch screen can give you the comfort of writing as much as you want and would not be erased unless you do it. Also, it is very lightweight which means that those who were until now whining about the heaviness of carrying the tabs around compared to paper, can relax and consider buying boogie board for them as well.


There are various benefits of boogie boards as these can be used in the schools and colleges to jot down the notes and keep it because it is not going to be erased unless you do it with your hand. Home schools are finding it more useful as kids are always interested in drifting from the traditional pen and book and learning things fun way.

Boogie Board

Excellent for Lefties – Smearing the lead or the ink is something common that all the lefties do. However, it could be quite frustrating, and some kids are even drawn away from writing because of these smearing issues. Boogie Board gives a clean alternative for such children who are lefties and are not willing to write simply because they do not as ink smeared.

Diagrams – Another benefit of these boogie boards is that kids draw science picture and also teachers can easily help them in learning something new by sketching it on the boards.

Sketching – Not just kids, boogie boards are also perfect for those casual sketchers and people who love to draw simply because they do not have to carry white sheet bundles, pencils and all other things required to draw the sketch. It is as simple as taking out the board and just start drawing with the stylus.

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