Guide to Building Your Own Bike Trailer for Hauling Bikes

by Michael A. Anderson
Bike Trailer for Hauling Bikes

The main problem with a bicycle is that it does not have a storage place in your car when traveling. So, if you are going somewhere that you want to take your bike along with you, you may run into a problem. However, you do have the option of building your own bike trailer. My dear hubby made us one and here is how you can make your own.

All you need is the following things: PVC pipe-3/4-inch drill, PVC glue, Nuts and bolts of 2 inches long, wheels, T-shaped PVC joints, PVC jostle joints 90 degree, PVC elbow joints 45 degree,3/4-inch metal washers, rubber tube.

Initially design the trailer, whether a big container or a low trailer depending upon your requirement and the size of your bike.

Cut the PVC pipe lengths for wheel axis so that the pieces fit into the 2 T-shaped joints and put down some gap for the wheels to fit in. You need 2 parts for the axles and 4 for the fender struts.

Measure the width of the tire. Cut the PVC pipe with the same length for fender walls. You will need 4 fender walls for each tire on the trailer.


Place the fender walls together. Do not use any glue. Now, fix the fender support into a 90 degree joint with a T-shaped joint on the other end. Organize the two fender walls parallel into these. Make two pieces. Put the wheel in between the 2 T-shaped joints and fit it onto the axle.

Attach this arrangement to the wall pieces on both sides so that they are 90 degrees. In a similar way, prepare another fender.

Now, cut two pieces of PVC pipe into 3:1 and fix them to make a trailer hitch. Make a hole on the first piece of the hitch. Cut the rubber into a one-foot length.

Place the washers into the tube and push them inside. Make a hole on to the machines and put in the container into the end of the trailer hitch and then insert a bolt so that I fix the rubber tube and PVC piped.

Now build the frame at the bottom according to the sketch you prepared. The bottom left, and right pipes of the trailer should be replaced with the fenders. The front side pipe is cut into half, and the T-shaped joint is attached. Position that at a 45-degree angle. Attach all the pieces using PVC glue.

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