How to Clean Up Dog Vomit in a Car

by Michael A. Anderson
Vomit in a Car

Taking a dog to the vet or on another necessary trip does not always go well, especially if this is not a regular activity. It makes some dogs very nervous.

Illness, nerves, and other reasons can cause an animal to vomit, and this can create a result in a huge mess. At first, it might seem overwhelming, but it is not as challenging to clean as it initially appears. Use this method to clean up dog vomit in a car, and completely get rid of the stains and the odor without buying expensive store-bought cleaning supplies.

Necessary Supplies

To clean up dog vomit in a car, you will need at least one roll of paper towels, a bucket, clear water, a clean white rag, and a large box of baking soda. Also necessary is a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment.

It does not require chemical products. In fact, products meant for carpet cleaning will not get rid of the smell. The car would smell like the cleaning product and dog vomit. Natural baking soda is best, and absolutely all the vomit must be cleaned out of the fibers of the carpet and fabric seats. The baking soda will help pull it out, and it will neutralize the bad odor.


Procedure to clean up Dog Vomit in a Car

Begin by picking up all solid in the car using paper towels. Do not rub it into the fabric.

Next, fold over at least three paper towels, and press the toweling into the dog vomit stains to absorb the liquid. Continue repeating this process until it absorbs no more liquid. This is a necessary step when trying to thoroughly clean up dog vomit in a car, or in any location.

Fill a bucket with cool water and saturate a clean white rag. Lightly ring it out, and use it to go over the stains. Change the water and ring the cloth out as often as necessary. This step might have to be repeated several times to clean up the dog vomit before completing the final step.

After all the liquid dog, vomit is absorbed, and it has cleaned the car with clear, cool water, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the remaining stains. If possible, roll down the car windows, and allow the baking soda to pull any remaining liquid out of the fabric for the next few days. This is not an immediate solution when a dog has an accident in a car, but it works. The baking soda will become discolored as it pulls any remaining vomit from the fibers.

Eventually, the baking soda will become dry and begin cracking. Vacuum it up along with any remaining vomit stains it extracted from the fabric. The carpet and/or material should be clean, and the car should smell fresh once again.

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