How to Get the Best Price on a New Car Insurance Policy

by Michael A. Anderson
Car Insurance Policy

For getting a new car insurance policy, there are plenty of options. You can’t listen to the radio, watch a television show or read a newspaper article without hearing or seeing an ad for auto insurance. The ads may be witty and bit amusing, but you want the best bang for our buck.

Below are some easy ways to get the best deal on auto insurance:

Do your homework.

Make it your business to understand insurance jargon. Before you purchase a new policy, read all the fine print. If you aren’t sure what a particular word means, look it up. Knowledge of the car insurance industry will take you a long way in negotiating a good deal.

Shop around.

There’s no limit on the number of auto insurance quotes you can collect. If you’re interested in saving money and have the time to do the legwork, get as many quotes as possible. Most companies allow you to create your own quote online. If there’s a company that has a better policy but a higher price, use your research as a bargaining chip. Some companies will haggle or price match.

Talk to an agent.

While the automatic quote generator is handy, you can’t build a relationship with the calculator. However, you can attempt to sweet talk an agent into giving you an extra discount or ask them if they will price match a cheaper quote you found from another car insurance provider. Also, an agent may offer you unpublicized discounts to close the deal. Remember, the salesperson doesn’t collect commission unless you sign. It’s in his or her best interest to help you. However, this doesn’t give you free rein to bully the agent. You’ll attract more discounts with honey than with vinegar.

Take advantage of applicable discounts.

If you’re a safe driver who is looking for a new insurance policy with better rates, look for a company that rewards good driving behavior. If you’re a student, scout out an insurance company that offers student rates. If you’re insuring multiple drivers in one policy, tell your agent. Those who are already members of AAA or AARP may qualify for discounted auto insurance through those memberships.

Ask your home or renter’s insurance agent if you can bundle.

If your current homeowners or renter’s insurance company also covers auto insurance, see if you can bundle. Often you can receive a discount for funneling all of your insurance through one provider.

With all the car insurance options available, you will find a deal that fits your lifestyle, and a price that fits your budget.

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