How to Improve Your Auto Insurance Cost?

by Michael A. Anderson
Auto Insurance Cost

Insurance companies increased their premiums by up to 50% recently. Good driving record, a safer car will lower your premium. Here are some additional tips to help you to improve your insurance cost.

Call the local insurance agents to get a quote

Cost of car insurance

Call and ask a quote from local agents in your neighborhood.

Each insurer agent tries different options to lower your premium. Make a note of every discount option so you can ask the next agent to include it.

Call Insurance brokers insurance bro

Cars have access to many insurance companies and search for the best option for you. You can find these insurance brokers online. You enter the information about yourself and get a preliminary quote online. Then you need to call the broker with your reference number.

However, you might not get the amount you get on your preliminary quote. But it is worth-ed to try this option.

Search for insurance associations

Online insurance associations send your request to their members. You will get separate quotes from each insurance company.

Combine your auto and home insurance. Try to combine your home and car insurance or any rental properties in the same policy. You can get up to a 16% multi-line discount for your insurance on the same system.


If you have any clubs like AAA or CAA, Chamber of commerce, this can give you a 5% discount.

Improve your Driving record

If you have a good driving record and no tickets or violations for 3 years, you have a good chance to lower your insurance premium.

Adjust your deductible

Consider raising your deductible. You can get a discount by raising your deductible. Please note that you will spend the deductible amount from your pocket in case of any claim.

Vehicle-Specific Discount

Vehicles equipped with airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices may qualify for a discount on auto insurance.

Pay in advance

Insurance companies charge interest in monthly payments. You can save %3 if you pay once a year.

Ask for the extras included which you will never use

Your insurance policy might comprise many extras that you will never use. Ask if you have any extras like car rental coverage and cancel these extras.

Marital Status

Most of the insurance companies give a 2-3% discount for married customers.

Parking Insurance

If you are leaving the town for a trip, register for parking insurance for the period you are away, and your vehicle is not used. You save up to 90% of your monthly payments for the period.

Ask questions to the agent. You never know what you can catch from the information you get.

Discounts available by most of the insurance companies.

  • $500 deductible
  • $1,000 deductible
  • Over 1 car
  • No Accidents in 3 Years
  • No Moving Violations in 3 Years
  • Driver Training Courses
  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Anti-Theft Devices
  • Low Annual Mileage
  • Air Bags
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Student Drivers with Good Grades
  • Auto and Homeowners Coverage with the Same Company
  • College Students away from Home
  • Long-Time Customer
  • Other Discounts
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