Best Review for Rotax 503 Engine and Rotax 447


Rotax 447
For recreational aviation, you want a good lightweight engine that gives you power without taking away too much of the weight available on the frame of your aircraft.

For this reason, two-stroke engines are widely used in recreational planes. These engines are lightweight, durable, provide power, and are inexpensive.

The best two-stroke engine for recreational aircraft is the Rotax 503 engine.

The 503 engine from Rotax has enjoyed 25 years of popularity with part time aviators. While the company has recently discontinued the engine, it is still widely used in the field.



A more expensive, more powerful engine could certainly be purchased for your recreational plane, but there isn’t a need.

You’ll also find that these higher end engines don’t last as long as the Rotax 503 engine. This is because those higher end engines are designed to have a lot of hours put on them in a short time.

If you don’t fly very often, the engine will stop working due to age long before you hit the maximum hours it is supposed to be able to handle.

By contrast, the Rotax 503 is designed for long term durability with fewer hours put on in a longer amount of time.

This means that the chances you will have to repair or replace your engine with limited use much lower than with a more expensive and powerful engine.



The Rotax 503 engine gives you a lot of RPMs, but little torque. This is perfectly fine for small recreational aircraft. It means that you will have the power you need to get off the ground and keep pushing forward through the air.

It does mean, however, that you will need a proper system that works without the added torque. Still, this engine gives you more than enough power to get the job done.



When you have a small recreational plane that has a light frame, you are limited in how much weight the frame can handle.

If you have a 500-pound weight limit on your frame and your engine weighs more than 25 pounds, you may be compromising your ability to take a passenger.

The Rotax 503 engine is lightweight, and won’t take much away from your load capacity.



Even though they have been discontinued, you can still find Rotax 503 engines quickly. They are available online and in aviation outlets.

If you have trouble finding the 503, you can find similar Rotax models such as the Rotax 447 for sale. Rotax 447 comes with the same specifications as the 503 engine.

These have also been discontinued, but are similar to the 503 and with more limited use they can sometimes be found more quickly.

You will start having trouble finding parts for these engines shortly, within a few years. If you do purchase a Rotax 503 or 447, make sure you also buy special pistons and a crankshaft to put aside for your next overhaul.

Otherwise, you will find yourself buying another engine if that one needs repairs, so I hope you now know what to do.

Reviews about Rotax 503 Engines

Rotax 503 twin cylinder

Rotax 503 engines

Engines are crucial parts in any automobile. Therefore, they are expected to feature a robust design for their functions. Rotax 503 Engine‎ is a type of engine that has dominant feature towards the new crossovers. This engine is capable of beating the other drivers in the market today. This is due to its technological modifications which enable it to fit into the new crossovers.

Some of the superpower designs that these engines feature are oil in fuel lubrication mechanism. This is where the lubricating cycle starts with an application of oil, then the introduction of fuel for ignition. Apart from that, they also feature a counter-current motion in the clockwise direction.

The generator of these engines has a great output figure. This includes an Alternating Current of 170 at 6000 revolutions per minute. These engine has got a high horsepower of up to 400hp. This will ensure that they are well equipped to fight with the obstacles met along.

This Rotax 503 engines for an automobile is expected to have a turbocharged mechanism which is stimulated by 1.2 to 1.6 liters of diesel. The engine is most likely to be well modified to ensure that it becomes gas economical. This gas economy is due to the growing globalization of the modern society forcing the company to work on that. The engine has perfect reverse power choices to ensure a smooth and reliable drive upcountry.

The Rotax 503 engines have the features of an excellent, fantastic engine which leads to exceptional performances. The engine is expected to have a speed range of 0 to 100 km/hr. Besides, the speed can rise to a peak speed of 264 km/hr. The fuel consumption figures 7.1 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. This is a perfect engine from well-known manufacturers consuming 3 liters of fuel for maximum fuel economy. Having a strength of 424 horsepower will prove its robust design. However, as inventions persist, the engine might become a V8 engine model with an increased power to around 560 to provide peak acceleration.

Rotax 503 twin cylinder

These engines are also technological in that they can perform any ignition, no matter where they are installed. Having the highest horsepower among other engines in the market, it is, therefore, the right choice to purchase these types of engines. With a corresponding power, they can ignite the crossover without any delays of malfunction.

Another compelling and well-proved feature is the second stroke use of synthetic oil. This is to ensure that the inside of the engine remains in a fixed humidity and that you do not let your device rest for a lot of time. This will make sure that it produces less carbon and also ignites in the cleanest way possible. To minimize the chances of engine failure, the synthetic oil is mixed with some coating material for the inside and outside to ensure that the engine does not come to an abrupt pause.

The engine has also got some shells which work as plating materials to ensure that in case of higher humidity levels, of moisture introduction, the crossover remains for longer periods without rusting.


Five Most Vital Car Engine Care Tricks

Car Care

Engine Care

The engine falls as significant to an automobile as one’s heart into a body, as all of US understand. Therefore, it is being fine-tuned isn’t just essential for the longevity of an automobile but also troubles free operation. However, the car engine care is among the very neglected areas of the general care of a vehicle.

1. It is the most crucial as well as a must follow engine care trick. You need to firmly follow the oil change program given by the firm so that you can maintain up the lubrication amount to the symbol in the engine parts. The engine oil catches soil and metal particles with all the time, and the engine life can be affected by it severely, when not transformed at the perfect time.

2 .You ought to avoid the vehicle that is driving around and should embrace engine friendly driving habits like using appropriate speed-gear mix and give a wide berth to overheating of the engine.

3. Keeping Fluid Amount: The cooling system keeps it safe from overheating and preserves the engine temperature.

4. Listen to your car: Keep a nice watch on the operation of each part and scrutinize it carefully when you hear any strange sound coming out from any part. Even a raddled air filter or a faulty spark plug can prove to be dangerous for general engine unit, so these parts ought to be fixed/replaced as soon as you discover a difficulty in any one.

5. Routine Service:  The service program advocated by the organization should be firmly followed by one. Therefore, it falls exceptionally crucial for the life and operation of the engine, in a lengthier run.