ax 582UL power package

by Michael A. Anderson

ax 582UL power package

Power your favourite recreational aircraft with the solid liquid cooled power of this aircraft engine
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Looking to power a Challenger ultralight?
We have a solution specially for you!
Rotax 582UL Challenger power package

1. Engine

New Rotax 582UL aircraft engine
  • 65 HP @ 6500 RPM
  • 55.3 ft-lb @ 6300 RPM
  • 2-stroke engine specially developed for recreational aircraft
  • 2 cylinders, liquid cooled
  • Rotary valve intake
  • Dual capacitor discharge Ignition (DCDI)
  • Dual Bing carburetors
  • Mikuni pulse driven diaphragm fuel pump
  • Mikuni oil injection pump included
  • Time Between Overhauls (TBO): 300 hours

More Rotax 582UL Specifications

2. Gearbox and starter combination

No gearbox, recoil starter
Use only if you are planning to install a third party belt reduction drive.
Rotax 2-stroke aircraft engines produce their power at high RPMs. Propellers need to turn much slower. Reduction is achieved through a gearbox.

  • The B type gearbox is the most economical and lightest model available. It is limited to a propeller mass moment of inertia of 3000Kg/cm²
  • The C type gearbox is a sturdier model, requires less maintenance and can handle propeller mass moments of inertia up to 6000Kg/cm²
  • The electric starter is installed on the magneto end (crankcase end opposite of the gearbox).
  • The E type gearbox is similar in principle to the C type but integrates an electric starter, allowing a recoil starter to be kept as a backup.

About propeller mass moment of inertia

B type gearbox, recoil starter
Available with reduction ratios of 2.00:1, 2.24:1, 2.58:1.
B type gearbox, electric starter
Electric starter installed on the magneto end (opposite the gearbox). Includes starter solenoid.
C type gearbox, recoil starter
Available with reduction ratios of 2.62:1, 3.00:1, 3.47:1 and 4.00:1.
C type gearbox, electric starter
If your installation will allow it, the E type gearbox is a less expensive and lighter choice.
E type gearbox, electric and recoil starter
Same reduction ratios as C type gearbox. Electric starter integrated in gearbox allows the recoil starter to be kept as a backup.

3. Intake

Rotax/K&N dual carburetor air filter
Washable, reusable air filter has safety wire tabs for positive securing.
Add Pre-Filter, a permanent (storage and flying) air filter cover.
Either install this air filter directly onto the carburetors with the optional pre-filter which repels dust, water spray, rain and snow to keep your air filter cleaner longer and prevent water ingestion…
Rotax dual carburetor intake silencer with Rotax/K&N air filter
Complete with brackets to attach to the 582.
Or install the intake silencer with air filter. A major part of the noise of a Rotax 2 stroke aircraft engine is the clatter emanating from the carburetor’s throat. The intake silencer efficiently muffles this noise. Slight effect on power: about 2% loss.

4. Oil injection

Rotax Oil Injection tank
With level sender. Complete with brackets to attach to the 582’s head.
You will need an oil injection tank to feed your pump. This particular one is an original Rotax model with a level sender which can trigger a low oil warning light on the instrument panel.

5. Liquid circuit

Low radiator set
Includes radiator size 415x142mm, expansion tank with cap and overflow tank. Radiator can be installed horizontally or vertically.
The 582 is liquid cooled and requires a conventional liquid cooling circuit comprised of a radiator, radiator cap and overflow tank.

Whether the engine is installed cylinders down or up, the radiator cap always needs to be placed higher than the highest point of the engine. Therefore, if you need to install the radiator lower than the engine, the cap will be located in an expansion tank installed higher. If you choose a radiator with integrated cap, it will need to be placed so that the cap is sufficiently high.

The 2 piece high radiator set is the standard solution for many uncowled, pusher installations such as those found on trikes and some pusher fixed wings.

In all cases, consult your aircraft manufacturer to determine the optimal cooling solution. Otherwise, flight testing is mandatory to confirm sufficient cooling under all circumstances.

High radiator set
Includes radiator size 293x261mm with cap and overflow tank.
2 piece high radiator set
Two radiators mounted on either side of the gearbox. Includes overflow tank and all necessary hardware and tubing. For engines installed cylinders up only.

5. Exhaust system

Rotax side mount type exhaust system
Mounts on the side of the engine.
Choose the exhaust system which best suits your installation.

Download our exhaust systems document which illustrates their configurations and dimensions.
exhaust.pdf / 199Kb /
Adobe Acrobat format

Rotax rear mount type exhaust system
Also known as 2×90° or Eipper style, mounts behind or below the engine.
Rotax straight type exhaust system
Points straight back after the elbow.
Rotax after muffler
Easy clamp-on installation
This after muffler further reduces the exhaust noise while producing no adverse effect on performance.

6. Fuel system

ACS Gascolator
Machined anodized aluminium and steel construction. With fine steel filter element, drain valve and provision for primer line connection.
A water strainer (gascolator) should be part of all aircraft fuel systems. It ensures that any water that could have been drawn into the system will not reach the engine.
Bosch fuel filter
Fine nylon mesh filter with transparent plastic casing.
This high quality filter is easy to inspect.
Primer pump
High quality made in USA.
A primer pump allows quicker and easier starting at times when your carburetor float bowls are empty.

7. Electrical system

Rotax regulator-rectifier
High quality, durable model.
The regulator-rectifier converts alternative current produced by the engine’s generator into 12 volt direct current for use with instruments, lights, radios, battery charging, etc.
Genesis G16EP Battery
16Ah capacity, 6.1Kg / 13.5 lbs
These batteries feature sealed pure lead technology for the ultimate in safety (nonspillable, can be installed in any position) and starting power.

8. Propeller

There are too many different propeller brands, types, configurations and options available to list here. For more information about the propellers we offer, please visit our propellers page. You may also contact us for a personalized recommendation.

9. Engine controls

Aero Controls Throttle Cable
Single cable from quadrant to splitter, 3 cables from splitter to carburetors and oil injection pump lever. 96″ length can be cut to fit most installations.
Stainless steel cables running inside maintenance-free nylon and wound steel housings ensure the smoothest and most precise operation.
More information about our Aero Controls products
Aero Controls Choke Cable
Similar to throttle cable, 2 cables after splitter for both carburetors’ choke controls.
Aero Controls throttle and choke quadrant
Two levers with friction control knob.
Aero Controls Throttle Pack for tandem-seat aircraft
Includes all of the above, plus slave throttle quadrant for rear seat and push-pull cables to interconnect both.
Other cable and quadrant configurations available for specialty applications such as trikes.
Contact us with your inquiry.

10. Engine monitoring

Set of Westach 2″ size instruments

  • Tachometer
  • Hourmeter
  • Liquid temperature
  • Two-in-one CHT
  • Two-in-one EGT
  • Liquid temperature probe
  • 2 CHT probes
  • 2 EGT probes
    panel size: 5xĜ2″
It is essential to monitor the following engine parameters to ensure its proper operation:

  • Tachometer (RPM)
  • Hourmeter
  • Liquid temperature
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) for both cylinders
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) for both cylinders

There are different ways to accomplish this. The first is to use the classic analog (steam gauge type) instruments.

MGL Stratomaster EMS-582: Tachometer, hourmeter, liquid temp., 2xCHT, 2xEGT, liquid temp. probe, 2 CHT probes, 2 EGT probes, panel size: 2-1/4″, very small display, use only if panel space is very limited
The alternative is to use a digital all-in one instrument. Our selection provides precise and reliable readings on backlit liquid crystal displays (LCD) and has the advantage of being able to trigger a warning light to attract your attention if a parameter is out of limits.
More information about instrument packages for the 582UL
MGL Stratomaster E1: tachometer, hourmeter, liquid temp., 2xCHT, 2xEGT, liquid temp. probe, 2 CHT probes, 2 EGT probes, panel size: 3-1/2″, larger easy to read display
MGL Stratomaster E2: tachometer, hourmeter, liquid temp., 2xCHT, 2xEGT, outside air temperature, fuel level, fuel flow (also computes both for endurance), voltmeter, maintenance timer, running memory, liquid temp. probe, 2 CHT probes, 2 EGT probes, outside air temperature probe, fuel flow probe

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