Parts for Quad City Challenger / Challenger II ultralights

by Michael A. Anderson

Parts for Quad City Challenger / Challenger II ultralights

In order to cater to the particular needs of Challenger owners, we carry the following products.

Left: Oil injection pump installed on our adapter.
Right: Oil injection tank as mounted on a Challenger II with our brackets.

Rotax Oil Injection Installation Kits

For a long time, Challenger owners had to do without the advantages of oil injection, for lack of an installation system that is adapted to their particular engine installation. On Challengers, when a Rotax 503 UL is installed with a GPL electric starter, the clearance between it and the firewall is too small for a standard oil injection pump installation.

At Aero Propulsion Technologies, we have developed an adaptor kit which allows the oil injection pump to be mounted in that narrow space. This superb, black anodized 6061-T6 adaptor comes with all the required parts and hardware. We also manufacture brackets designed to mount the oil tank to your engine mount and center fairing.

The oil injection tank we carry is the one specially designed for that purpose by Rotax. It is the only one with a level sender which can be connected to a warning light on your instrument panel to indicate low oil.

Tens of challengers are now flying with the benefits of oil injection thanks to our system!

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Cog Belt Reduction Drive Parts

In order to ease the maintenance of the Rotax 503 UL installed on Challengers, we have in stock spare cog belts for your reduction drive of both the older (short) and new (long) styles, in addition to replacement ball bearings for your reduction drive pulley.

Rubber Mounts

We also carry the Lord rubber engine mounts and the rubber buffers for the exhaust clamp.