Rotax Aircraft Engine instruments

by Michael A. Anderson

Rotax Aircraft Engine instruments

We carry the full range of instruments necessary to monitor your Rotax 2 or 4 stroke Aircraft Engine in both analog and digital types.

Full instrument packages

We have full digital and analog instrument packages available for your:

  • Rotax 2-stroke air cooled (277 UL, 377 UL, 447 UL, 503 UL)
  • Rotax 2-stroke liquid cooled (462 UL, 532 UL, 582 UL, 618 UL)
  • Rotax 4-stroke (912 UL, 912 ULS, 912 ULSFR, 914 UL)

Single instruments

If you need to add or replace an instrument in your existing panel, or if you would rather have multiple instruments than one multifunction unit, pick one instrument of the following types:

  • Tachometers
  • Hourmeters
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (2-strokes)
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (4-strokes)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Liquid Temperature (2-strokes)
  • Oil Temperature (4-strokes)
  • Oil Pressure (4-strokes)
  • Manifold Pressure (4-strokes)
  • Voltmeters / Ammeters
  • Fuel level / Fuel flow

Examples of single instruments:

Rotax 4-stroke tachometer Westach 2-1/4″ square dual EGT, 2″ round liquid temperature and 3″ square tachometer
Stratomaster 2-1/4″ Manifold Pressure, 3.5″ EGT/CHT, 3.5″ Oil Temperature/Oil Pressure VDO 2″ round Tachometer, Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure (example only, ranges may be different)