by Michael A. Anderson


Thorough pre-flight and scheduled inspections and regular maintenance of your airplane are essential to ensure the safety of your flight.

Aero Propulsion Technologies is one of the partners in Operation Cross-Check.

Operation Cross-Check

Operation Cross-Check is a program started by individual members of the Canadian ultralight aircraft community. It seeks to improve the safety of flying owner-maintained aircraft of all types by encouraging owners and pilots to inspect each others’ aircraft and submit them for inspection.

There are at present no membership lists, no dues, and there’s no money changing hands. There’s nothing to join, but you can participate. All you have to do is:

  • Ask a knowledgeable friend to inspect your aircraft every time you do maintenance, and as part of your scheduled inspections.
  • Inspect other peoples’ planes if they ask you to.
  • Commit to fixing the snags you find in each others’ planes before you take off again.

Inspection documents

Aero Propulsion Technologies has created documents to help you perform more knowledgeable visual inspections:

  • Rotax 503 UL
    visual engine inspection checklist
    for Quad City Challenger II installations
    Presented at the 2005 ICOA Winter Rendezvous, Montebello, Quebec.
    Challenger_ins_e.pdf /116Kb/ Adobe Acrobat format
  • General Rotax 2-stroke
    visual engine inspection checklist

    2st_ins_e.pdf /113Kb/ Adobe Acrobat format
  • General Rotax 4-stroke
    visual engine inspection checklist
    Coming very soon!