Tightening Torques for Rotax Aircraft Engines

by Michael A. Anderson

Tightening Torques for Rotax Aircraft Engines

Here are a few tightening torques you might need when performing routine maintenance on your Rotax Aircraft Engine. These informations and much more can be found in our Engine Maintenance Logs.

More more torque specifications, please refer to the relevant maintenance manuals and illustrated parts catalog.

Torque Agent Notes

Rotax 2-Stroke
Aircraft Engines

Nm In.lb Ft.lb
M8 Cylinder Head Nuts
(air cooled engines)
22 195 16 M8 Cylinder Head NutsUndo and retighten one at a time following the specified sequence:
M8 Cowling Bolts
(air cooled engines)
14 125 10 Loctite 242/243
M8 Exhaust Manifold Bolts (447 only) 25 221 18 Anti-Seize Tighten progressively in a crossing pattern
M6 Exhaust Manifold Bolts (618 only) 10 90 8
M8 Exhaust Manifold Bolts (all other engines) 22 195 16
M8 Intake Manifold Bolts(air cooled engines) 24 210 18 Loctite 242/243
14mm Spark Plugs 27 238 20 Anti-Seize On a cold engine
M16 Fan Nut
(air cooled engines)
60 530 44 Loctite 221/222 Use fan holding tool. Tighten slightly then rotate fan. Repeat until fully tightened.
M18 Gearbox Drain Cap 24 210 18 Secure with Safety Wire
M10 Engine Mounting Studs 38 335 28 Loctite 221/222

Rotax 4-Stroke
Aircraft Engines

Oil Tank Drain Screw 25 220 18 Replace gasket ring and secure with Safety Wire
Oil Filter Hand tighten Oil gasket, retighten after test run
Magnetic plug 25 220 18 Secure with Safety Wire
Water Pump Drain Screw 10 90 8 Replace gasket ring
Carburetor Socket Clamp Tighten to a distance of 7mm/0.276″
Carburetor Socket Screws 15 135 11 Loctite 221/222
Spark Plugs 12mm/16mm 20 180 15 Anti-Seize On a cold engine

Please, do not use red Loctite (such as type 262)! It is a permanent adhesive! It is sometimes very difficult to remove parts secured with it without damage.