Spring Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

by Michael A. Anderson
Cleaning the Inside of Your Car

Get your car clean this spring by following these simple tips.

Gather your cleaning equipment

You will need garbage bags, a couple of large containers for emptying extra stuff into (laundry baskets work well), all-purpose cleaning spray and a rag or wet wipes (you can buy special ones made just for car interiors like armor all brand), glass cleaner, leather cleaning wipes (only if your interior has leather) and a vacuum with a long hose attachment. You can always drive to a gas station and use the space where it’s usually 50 cents to a dollar, depending on your location.

schedule for cleaning his car

Empty your entire car

Make sure to take everything out, including children’s car seats and floor mats. Don’t forget to empty the glove box and other storage compartments. Put all the items that don’t belong in the car like clothes, children’s toys, mail, etc. into one of the laundry baskets or containers to be put away at a later time.

Put all the things that belong in the car like phone chargers and emergency kits into the other basket and set it aside for later. Then throw all the trash into the garbage bags if you have car seat covers take those off and wash them according to the instructions on the tag.

Vacuum the car

Vacuum all surfaces, including the dash and vents, to clear out any dust. Get the bends of the seats, move the headrest and armrest to get to all the dirt and grime. Move the seats forward and back to get underneath them. Also vacuum the things that you took out earlier, the children’s car seats and floor mats. Wipe down the surfaces-Use your wipes or cleaning spray to wipe down all the surfaces, including the walls and the non-carpeted floor areas. Use the glass cleaner to clean the inside of all the windows, windshield, and mirrors. If you have leather, use the leather wipes to clean all the leather.

Put it all back together

Put back the floor mats, car seat covers, and children’s car seats. This is the time to put items where they will be used most and not forgotten or lost. Store chargers for phones and laptops in the glove box or another compartment near where you plug them in at. Also, check your emergency kit. Check batteries in radios and flashlights, replace any items that have been used, and check the dates on any food products.

Keep it clean-Now that you’ve taken everything that doesn’t belong out, you can see what problem items you have and plan storage for them in the future to keep messes under control. Maybe you need to put a few bags in the car for clothes and shoes, toys, trash, or papers from work. Remember to take these items inside with you every once in a while, like when you unload your groceries to keep them from filling up and overflowing into a mess. With maintenance, you will only have to clean like this a few times a year.

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