10 Tips to Deal with a Traffic Jam

by Michael A. Anderson
Traffic Jam

No one likes to be stuck in a traffic jam. I have listed 10 tips to help deal with traffic jams. The suggestions range from how to avoid traffic jams, how to get out of traffic jams, and what to do if you are stuck in a traffic jam. The ten trips could make your travels more enjoyable.

dealing with traffic
1) I try to avoid traffic jams by using public transportation as much as possible. Especially when I travel into Washington, D.C., nothing against the District of Columbia, it is the significant city I visit the most. I also save on parking by public transportation.

2) Avoid making pleasure trips to the major cities during rush hours. If I am not traveling to an important port for work, I try to plan these trips to avoid rush hour.

3) Pay attention to construction schedules. The routes I travel most often appeared to be scheduled for road construction. If I am aware of the construction schedules, I can plan to either expect a traffic jam or propose an alternative route to avoid the road construction delays.

4) I use the navigator in my smartphone or the maps app on my phone to find alternative ways in case I am caught in a traffic jam. I would imagine other navigational devices would work.

5) If you live in an area prone to traffic jams, plan accordingly. Leave a little earlier if it is possible. It lessens the stress of being in a traffic jam if you know you still have time to arrive at your destination. Worse case you arrive early and then you can enjoy a few minutes to relax.

6) Audiobooks are great when you are stuck in a traffic jam. If it is a work-related book, you can feel you are still being productive. If it is a classic book, you can feel more cultured. If it is an entertaining book, then you will be entertained.

7) Bring multiple CDs, or if your car plays MP3, bring your favorite downloads with you. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, at least you will have a better variety of music to listen to than the average radio fare.

8) Avoid road rage and stress. If it heads you to work, call and let someone know you will be late due to the traffic jam. Take a look out your windshield and notice everyone else is stuck. No need to honk your horn, yell or scream. No one likes a jerk, and you won’t get there any faster.

9) If the traffic jam is caused by accident. Be glad you were not involved in the accident. Be happy you are just delayed.

10) Bring something to entertain children if you are traveling with them. If you are stuck in a traffic jam with children, it is best to have something available to treat them. This can range from video games, DVD players, to safe car toys.

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